Honinbo Tournament

The Honinbo Tournament is a handicapped round robin league played among members of the San Francisco Go Club. It begins when there are eight players registered of similar rank, and lasts for three months from that date. This means that you won’t get paired against players with ratings where a handicap will not account for your skill difference.

The total payout for winners is $175. See the Rules and Guidelines below for more details.

Prizes are:

  • $100 for 1st place
  • $50 for 2nd place
  • $25 for 3rd place

To register for the tournament, send an email to or message our Facebook Page.

Waiting Room

These are the players currently registered for the next Honinbo Tournament and are waiting for more players to join.

Member Name Rank
Christopher Russell 4d
Steven Chen 3k
Jim Ambrose 5k
Massey Cashore 2k
Mish Awadah 2k
Lance Olsen 12k
Steve Wooten 15k

Current Tournament

Waiting for more players…

Tournament Rules and Guidelines

  1. There is no entry fee but you must become a member of the SF Go Club in order to participate.  Find out more about club membership here.
  2. Everybody plays everybody. Players can play at the club, online at a site of their choice, or elsewhere (homes, cafes, etc.). However, at least one game must be played and recorded at the club.
  3. Any game played outside of the SF Go Club must be provided to the club with a game record (Kifu) if played online. Both players must agree to the result of each game.
  4. Black puts the appropriate handicap according to SFGC player ranks. The maximum handicap will be 9 stones, so the gap between the strongest and weakest players cannot exceed 9 ranks. Pairings will be assigned by club instructor Christopher Russell 4D.
  5. Players have three months to finish all 7 of their games. Games not finished by the deadline are forfeited.
  6. Players report results to the club instructor who will record them on the players’ cards, as well as adjust the member nameplates on the wall at the club. Results will also be posted at the club and on the website.
  7. Disputes or ambiguous situations will be resolved by a panel of judges selected by the SF Go Club board.  All participants agree that the decisions of this panel are final.
  8. Final tournament standings will be calculated using a standard formula for round-robin tournaments.
  9. We request all tourney participants help promote Go and the club by spending a little time distributing our flyers and postcards in their neighborhoods and otherwise spreading the word.

Example Tournament Record