SFGC Members Now Get 10% Off At Truefish!

The San Francisco Go Club is excited to announce a special new partnership with Truefish, a Bay Area-based seafood company that has been providing fresh, high-quality fish to sushi bars, restaurants, and grocery stores since 1967.

Truefish takes their fish right off the dock, cut it in-house, and now deliver it straight to your home. With an eye for quality and a talent for filleting, they are passionate about introducing local fishing communities to local eating communities, bringing you the freshest, finest quality seafood direct from the ocean to your kitchen.

For all members of the San Francisco Go Club, Truefish is offering a 10% discount on their fish. So why not take advantage of this great offer and enjoy a delicious seafood feast at home? Visit Truefish.com and place an order today using a coupon code specific for SFGC members to take advantage of this special offer!