Pro Simul Games with Lee Hajin 4P – April 23 3-6pm

We are happy to announce that Lee Hajin 4P will be coming to the San Francisco Go Club on April 23rd from 3 to 6pm to talk to players and play 3 simul games with SF Go Club members. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from a professional player. We highly recommend signing up to play! By showing our enthusiasm we hope to invite Lee Hajin back to the San Francisco Go Club for more events.

Lee 4P is a retired professional Go player from South Korea and one of the top female Go players in Korea. Besides her work as secretary for the International Go Federation until 2016, Haylee is perhaps most famous for her online Go videos. She has gathered a large following on her Youtube channel “Haylee’s World of Go/Baduk” where she frequently plays casual games while commenting on them live. We especially recommend her commentary videos on the “Master(P)/Magister(P)” games in which AlphaGo played online matches against top professional players.

Lee Hajin will play three simul games. Members can sign up to play with Lee 4P by filling out this registration form. We will hold a raffle drawing to determine who gets to play on the day of the event. We’re also giving out a single reservation to play one simul game with Lee Hajin as the grand prize of the Spring Tournament on March 19th.

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Simul games with Lee 4P will begin at 3:30pm.