Photos from the “Golden Age”

Most of these photos were taken at the old club at 1881 Bush Street, probably in the 70’s. I suspect Lloyd Gowen was the photographer for many of the older pictures. The more recent pictures (below) were taken by Ernest Brown and Paul Goodman. I (P.G.) scanned some from old prints, others from contact sheets. Some I photographed directly from the wall pictures at the current club (and so you might detect an unavoidable glare from the reflection of light off the glass frames.) You can always see the pristine originals if you come by the club. If you register for a free Google account you can post comments after you click on a picture. Everyone who then clicks on the picture can view your comments. It would be very helpful if you could name various people in the pictures, and even better if you could recount some true recollections about the events and people you see.

Photo Album