“Norton of Elixir” Title Tournament

Elixir Saloon, one of the oldest bars in San Francisco, will appoint its first champion!

Elixir has partnered with the San Francisco Go Club to sponsor a title. Taylor Sutton (7k) and Gavriel Hirsch (7k) will battle in a best-of-three match by the bar at Elixir Saloon on April 24th at 7pm, with the winner being granted the title “Norton of Elixir,” a prestigious award that includes such privileges as “The right to resolve all disputes and disagreements between patrons on matters of intellect” (as well as a 20% discount on their bar tab for as long as the winner holds the title).

Live commentary will be provided by Arthur Yeh (6D) and Casey Dahlin (4k). Meanwhile the bar staff will be serving up one of the city’s most extensive whiskey selections, as well as an ever expanding menu of non-alcoholic cocktails for our non-drinking friends.

Once the title is decided, any patron is free to challenge the title-holder to claim the glory and prestige (and discount) for themselves. Challenges will happen at most once a month, but we expect challengers will come frequently, and with a few handicap stones, hopefully almost anyone could become the next Norton of Elixir.