Learning the Ancient Game of Go

Black, white, circle, square, wood, stone — how hard could it be?


The quickest way to get stronger is to take a few lessons from a knowledgeable player. Any experienced player at the club is able to teach. Without a doubt, this is the fastest way to get stronger. As a bonus you’ll get to meet other nice people, just like yourself. Club members love teaching the game to others!

Books on Go

Here is a list of books compiled by the American Go Association. They are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced categories, and each book is followed by a brief description. SmartGo Books is a modern app that supports reading and reviewing Go examples within the books on a mobile device. The club library also contains quite a number of books which you can borrow.

Go Problems

I can’t emphasize enough how much you should study go problems to improve your reading. Eventually, in any game, fighting will occur, and that’s where reading strength is all important. You can make 100 correct moves in a row, but make one wrong move in a crucial fight and lose everything.

Go Wisdom

The game of go offers an opportunity to reflect on life, and learn lessons that we can take with us beyond the goban. This living document contains musings on those lessons. Share it with your friends, and add your own!