Intro Course

Discover the Amazing Game of Go

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Eventbrite - Go for Beginners

  • A 6 week beginners course for $80
  • Every Sunday at the SF Go Club from 2:30PM to 4PM
  • All ages welcome

The San Francisco Go Club is offering lessons for beginners of all ages on Sunday afternoons! The rules are simple and can be learned in minutes, but the strategy is deep and fascinating. Our expert instructors will be happy to teach you the basics.

Topics include:

  • the rules of the game
  • capturing stones
  • basic strategy & tactics
  • eyes & living groups
  • how to score a game
  • good & bad shape
  • ladders
  • nets
  • ko
  • seki
  • sente & gote

About Go

Go has been played for thousands of years and is fun and exciting for people of all ages. Go sharpens the mind, develops strategic thinking, and improves concentration and self-control. It’s also a great way to meet people and make new friends.

Go is more than just a game. It’s also a beautiful art form, a great social activity and, for some, a source of wisdom, philosophy, and a way of life. Many studies have shown that playing Go makes you smarter. It’s also a very inexpensive hobby.

“Go uses the most elemental materials and concepts – line and circle, wood and stone, black and white – combining them with simple rules to generate subtle strategies and complex tactics that stagger the imagination.”

– Iwamoto Kaoru, former Honinbo title holder