Exciting Results and a Bright Future: Announcing the SF Go Club’s Annual Election Outcome!

Dear SF Go Club members,

We are thrilled to share the exciting results of our recent annual membership meeting, which was held this past Saturday evening. It was an evening filled with delightful company and a delectable dinner. We are pleased to announce the elected individuals who will guide our club forward in the coming year, as well as share a special message from our re-elected President, Matthew Barcus. Read on to learn more about the fantastic team leading the SF Go Club!

Election Results:
After a thorough and democratic voting process, we are delighted to inform you of the newly elected officers for the SF Go Club:

President: Matthew Barcus
Vice President: Casey Dahlin
Secretary: Steve Uurtamo
Treasurer: Sabrina Barcus
We congratulate each of them on their well-deserved appointments and express our gratitude for their willingness to serve the club. With their collective expertise and passion for the game of Go, we are confident that they will excel in their respective roles and contribute significantly to the growth and success of the SF Go Club.

A Special Thank You:
We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the outgoing officers who have served the SF Go Club with utmost dedication and commitment. Their contributions have been invaluable in shaping the club’s progress. Let us express our appreciation for:

Brianna Forster: Brianna has been an exceptional Club Secretary, diligently managing administrative tasks and ensuring the smooth functioning of our club. Her attention to detail and organizational skills have been truly commendable.

Eric Smith: As Vice President, Eric has played a crucial role in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment within the SF Go Club. His leadership and support have been instrumental in driving the club’s initiatives and events.

Winta Pang: Winta has been an outstanding Club Treasurer, overseeing the financial matters of the SF Go Club with great care and responsibility. His commitment and dedication have contributed significantly to the club’s financial stability.

Supporting Our New Leadership:
Let us rally together and extend our wholehearted support to Matthew, Casey, Steve, and Sabrina as they embark on their journey to lead the SF Go Club. Their dedication and commitment to promoting the game of Go within our community deserve our encouragement and involvement. We encourage all members to actively engage with our new leadership team and contribute ideas, suggestions, and initiatives that will shape the future of our club.

Message from Matthew Barcus, President of the SF Go Club:
In his re-election, Matthew Barcus will continue to serve as our esteemed President. Here’s a special message from him, reflecting his excitement and vision for the year ahead:

“Dear SF Go Club members,

I am deeply honored to have been re-elected as the President of the SF Go Club. Over the past year, we have witnessed incredible growth and development within our club, and I am thrilled to build upon this foundation.

In the coming year, my vision is to expand our reach and strengthen our ties with the Go community in San Francisco and beyond. I am committed to organizing more exciting tournaments, workshops, and events that will challenge and inspire all members, regardless of their skill level. Together, we will foster an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages the growth and enjoyment of Go.

I encourage you all to participate actively, share your ideas, and bring your enthusiasm to our club’s activities. Let’s continue to create memorable moments and establish the SF Go Club as a thriving hub for Go enthusiasts.

I look forward to an incredible year ahead, filled with thrilling games, learning opportunities, and the joy of building lasting friendships through the game we all love.

Warmest regards,

Matthew Barcus
President, SF Go Club”

With Matthew Barcus at the helm, supported by Casey Dahlin, Steve Uurtamo, and Sabrina Barcus, the SF Go Club is poised for an exciting and prosperous future. We invite each and every member to join us in supporting our new leadership team and actively contributing to the club’s activities. Together, let’s make the upcoming year a memorable one, filled with unforgettable games, valuable learning experiences, and the joy of Go!

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming events and initiatives. The SF Go Club is ready to embark on a thrilling journey, and we can’t wait to have you by our side!

Wishing you all the best moves,

The SF Go Club Team