The SF Go Club aims to be an inspirational center for Go. To this end, we strive to create a conducive environment for members to play Go and engage in the rich culture of the sport in a family atmosphere. We rely on your contributions to support the club, its events, and investments in the growth of Go in SF. Ultimately, SF Go Club is the product of its members and their involvement in making the club great.

To sign up, please fill out our registration form and select a payment package below. All payments are securely processed through PayPal.

Membership Packages

Basic membership – individual

  • If you simply want to play go and be part of the vibrant club community. Your membership helps sustain club operations and you are an intricate player in making Go things happen.
  • Enjoy voting rights and entry to all club events and tournaments (separate AGA registration also required for tournaments)

Sponsoring membership – individual

  • You enjoy playing Go and are committed to sharing your passion for the game for others to discover. Your membership goes beyond standard support of club operations and thus allows the club to reach new audiences and elevate the experience to match the rich culture of the game.
  • In addition to basic membership benefits, your name will be listed as a sponsoring member on club signage within the dojo to recognize your exceeding contribution to the club.

Basic membership – family

  • As opposed to the kids playing Roblox on their phones every night, you want to enjoy some high culture family time and be intellectually challenged alongside like-minded peers appreciative of the ancestral Asian game of Go.
  • All family members enjoy basic membership but with voting rights limited to 2 designated adults from the same household

Sponsoring membership – family

  • You are cognizant of the intellectual benefits the game of Go and the deep culture it bestows on those who study it as you position your family well to cherish the many aspects of the game. Your considerable contribution helps build a greater community rooted in the values and dignified manners associated with Go.
  • In addition to basic family membership benefits, your family name will be listed as a sponsor on club signage within the dojo to recognize your contribution to the club.

Membership Benefits

  1. First class facility and top tier equipment to play the ancient game of Go in San Francisco’s Japantown with accessible parking and proximity to many exquisite restaurants.
  2. Regular Club tournaments, including the annual Jujo tournament which attracts top Go players from around the world
  3. An annual hackathon themed around Go and the historic achievement of AlphaGo
  4. Access to member only events. Throughout the year the Club will host social activities including professional Go workshops, seminars, game broadcasts, and family activities among a myriad of other events.
  5. The San Francisco Go Club is like joining a second family with camaraderie among Club members that share an appreciation for Go and Asian etiquette, and pride in member achievements.
  6. Support of youth Go activities and events.
  7. Access to a library of Go and Asian cultural texts as well as Club computers for conducting research.
  8. Tea kettle and kitchen privileges at the clubhouse
  9. Access to club directory
  10. *Reciprocal privileges to other clubs to be determined
  11. **Super members – access to the clubhouse during non-event hours
  12. Members get an area to play on the nice tables and boards and stones.
  13. Desks for remote working.
  14. AGA rated games during tournaments or casual play. Look up your AGA number here.


How is this membership different from AGA membership?

The AGA is a the American national Go ratings system and our club is a chapter of the AGA, however, AGA does not fund our club. Membership of AGA allows you to play AGA rated games anywhere in America that hosts AGA rated events. Membership of SF Go Club is a separate membership from AGA.