Go Hackathon at SF Go Club on Oct. 15

On October 15th from 10AM to 8PM the San Francisco Go Club is hosting a Go-themed hackathon. The hackathon is aimed at making something that would improve the game of Go, or just improve the Go playing experience. Come join us for a full day of food, hardware and Go with tinkers, hackers, creators, and Go Players. More information on the hackathon is available at IOT Hardware Hack | GO. SF Go Club Members get a $15 discount with promo code: ClubPrice.

Some potential project ideas

Create a robotic handle to move go pieces on the board using Arduino

Custom Go Piece: That you can control the color of

Cheat detector so that it stops you from cheating

Go tournament board or a go ranking board

Go Timer

Grand Prize


Software – 25% of Cash Prize

2nd place get certificate

Hardware – 25% of Cast Prize

2nd place get certificate

Overall Best Project – 50% of Cash Prize

2nd place get certificate