The SF Go Club is the best place to play Go in the SF Bay Area and the oldest Go club in North America. Started in the 1880s by Japanese sailors looking to play Go, it established itself as an official club in 1935 and incorporated as a non-profit in 1984. The club has a rich community of members and a wonderful club-room filled with equipment, both for playing and teaching. It’s a great place to meet interesting people and share this exciting game with them in person.

The club is welcoming to all players new and old and especially beginners. Members are eager to teach and show you the wonders of this mysterious game. There are regular introductory teaching sessions to help get you started.

Membership at the club is available for a nominal fee and a suggested donation is requested for those visiting.

The Dojo

  • Large 50 player dojo with custom height tables and professional quality Go equipment. 
  • Large teaching magnet board, simul playing area, and tatami Go playing area with floor boards. 
  • Kitchen with sink, fridge, microwave, tea, and hot water kettle. 
  • Library with over 200 Go books available for check-out by members.
  • Seating area with couch, armchairs, and coffee table. 
  • Co-working space with desks and office chairs. 
  • Private accessible bathroom. 
  • Monthly events including tournaments, workshops, socials, visiting professionals, and more!

SFGC Map Small

How to participate


  • Matthew Barcus – President
  • Eric Smith – Vice President
  • Brianna Forster – Secretary
  • Winta Pang – Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Paul Goodman – Director at Large
  • Mishal Awadah – Member at Large
  • Ernest Brown – Member at Large
  • David Marvit – Member at Large

Code of Conduct